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How the Garment Industry is Growing with Auto Fusing Machine Market

As an alternate method of fabric stitching, fusing allows the user to cut the component blocks and fuse them together with interlinings which are coated with certain thermoplastic resigns. This process is performed to enhance the strength and stability of the garment.

Moreover, fusing also improves the shape of the garment along with increasing the resistance. Looking at the benefits of fusing, various players are incorporating various fusing machines in their factory, which is resulting in the growth of the global auto fusing machine market.

Two of the global auto fusing machine manufacturers are Macpi, SpA and Sakho/Martin Group.

Macpi SpAAbout Macpi, SpA

SPESA member Macpi SpA is the company is the leading exporter of continuous fusing machine. The business also lads the auto fusing market in terms of the sales of fabric fusing machines along with collar fusing machine. Owing to the expertise in multiple domains of garment fusing, the business holds the largest share in global auto fusing machine market's growth.

Martin GroupAbout SAKHO / Martin Group

The SAKHO / Martin Group is among the leaders of global auto fusing machine market players and accounts for 18% of the total growth of the market. The company has captured this market share with the help of its SA-450GS is a mini open-side continue fusing machine. The machine offers features such as belt guiding to prevent it from overlapping and powerful fan ventilation also effective with low voltage.




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