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China's Jack Group Acquires Italy's MAICA

On Sep. 8th, Jack Holding Group Co., Ltd. announced at the press conference that it had successfully merged and acquired Italy shirt smart solution - MAICA company. This is Jack's second big step after the merger and acquisition of two German world-famous automated cutting machine enterprises – Topcut and Bullmer in 2009. It is the milestone of Jack' transformation and upgrading from "the manufacturer of smart sewing equipment" to "the provider of whole-set clothing intelligent manufacturing solutions".

According to the introduction, MAICA was founded in 1977 and it is the only one company who only focuses on shirt sewing equipment. MAICA offers world's leading automate devices for shirt production line and owns more than 100 invention patents. Its devices serve Hugo Boss, UNIQLO, ZARA, HLA, and other upmarket garment enterprises.

Mr. Ruan, the founder of Jack, said, "Today is an age of intelligent manufacturing. But it is still difficult for garment manufacturing enterprises to realize automated, unmanned and intelligent production. It puts forward new requirements for garment manufacturing industry to improve product quality and improve product delivery capacity".

Relying on Jack's own R &D alone cannot solve these problems completely. Thus, in order to solve pre-sewing technical problems, Jack purchased Topcut and Bullmer.

On July 28th, Jack made a wholly-owned acquisition of MAICA for 6.5 million euros. The acquisition will improve Jack's R&D capabilities in intelligent sewing equipment. After the acquisition, Jack and MAICA will be in collaboration in production, procurement, marketing channels, services, and other aspects. With the help of MAICA, Jack will speed up the expansion of middle and high-end markets. Besides, it will enhance Jack's brand awareness and bargaining power.

At the same time, Jack will set up a European R&D center based in Italy to form a collaborative R&D platform with Jack Hangzhou Central Research Institute, German R&D center and Xi'an R&D center. The collaborative R&D platform will further improve Jack's comprehensive competitiveness in the field of whole-set intelligent manufacturing solutions. And MAICA will keep its original advantaged product structure system as much as possible. On the basis of meeting the needs of the European and American markets and original customers, MAICA plans to increase the product development and production intensity for developing countries, and optimize the product structure according to the demand of different markets. Meanwhile, through Jack's powerful global marketing and service network, MAICA's products will be promoted rapidly.

Mr. Ruan stated that in the next few years, Jack shares will integrate MAICA's advanced technology with Jack's R&D achievements in the past five years, such as automatic separation, smart fabric combination, intelligent production management system, so as to make Jack become the founder and pioneer of garment intelligence manufacturing industry 4.0.

About Jack

Jack Holding Group Co., a non-governmental enterprise integrating manufacture,trade and technology service,managing in several industries and different cities and provinces in China.So far it has five manufacturing bases in Zhejiang, Shanghai, Anhui, Jiangxi, and Jiangsu provinces and is involved in five industries including investments, sewing machines, machine tools, spare parts for automobiles, and surface heat treatment.





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