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Smart Assembly using ultrasonic technology

Smart AssemblyIntelligent textiles of any kind have to be assembled during the final production step. This means that the individual components have to be combined into a final product (e. g. a piece of clothing) using a joining technology. Here traditionally a sewing machine is used.

Usually intelligent textiles (in leisure, sports outdoor, protective clothing) are also technical textiles; in this case assembly by ultrasonic is a modern future-oriented and economical alternative to sewing. PFAFF Industrial has been dealing with this technology for more than 25 years.

The following innovations and product upgrades made the joining method "ultrasonic welding" interesting for the assembly in the garment industry:

  • Programmed welding: programming of individual and entire seam sections
  • Differential feeding: smooth and non-distorted seams or insertion of fullness
  • Cut & Seal: welding and trimming in one operation

The process offers several technical advantages – no needle, no thread, no consumables. Additionally, the designer may refer to a multitude of seam designs, because the seam design is specified via the machine's selected anvil wheel. PFAFF offers the customer a wide selection of anvil wheels. At the "customer's request", anvil wheels featuring customized designs can be created.

World debut – for the first time ever, a complete piece of clothing (t-shirt) was assembled using ultrasonic at a tradeshow at the MUNICH FABRIC START in Munich (September 5-7); in addition, some weld seams were "taped" using a PFAFF hot-air taping machine. This welded tape could be used to seal the seam or merely as a design element. The t-shirt was produced in full and live together with other innovative partners at the MICROFACTORY special show space. The objective of the MICROFACTORY was to demonstrate to the industry an interlaced solution "from sketch to sewn garment". On the one hand, approaches to the digitization of work steps respectively an entire process chain were illustrated; on the other hand, ideas and solutions on how to produce garments cost-effectively and efficiently in the future – even when the lot size is 1.





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