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Fresh Perspectives on the Sewn Products Industry
Building on its successful 2013 Executive Conference in Washington, SPESA will return to Washington on November 5-6 at the Westin Georgetown Hotel to continue its new focus on suppliers and manufacturers with a two-day agenda.
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Understanding the Challenges of the Fashion Industry
During 30 years the International Apparel Federation (IAF) has produced the World Fashion Convention as a meeting of the entrepreneurs of the Fashion System from all over the world. In 2014, in association with Inexmoda, this important event will take place in Medellín, Colombia from September 29th to October 1st, becoming a unique opportunity to show the world the strength of the Latin American Fashion System.
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Garmatex Debuts Revolutionary IceSkin(TM) Cooling Fiber Technology
Garmatex Technologies, Inc. ("Garmatex"), an industry disrupting inventor and supplier of scientifically-engineered performance fabrics and apparel technologies, has announced the launch of IceSkin® technology at the PGA Fashion and Demo Experience in Las Vegas, Nevada.
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Lectra to Collaborate with RAGTRADE Atlanta
Lectra announced a collaboration with RAGTRADE Atlanta to nurture the economic development of the region's fashion, design, and retail communities.
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Cone Denim Takes SGene to Next Level
Developed in the company's research and development incubator, Cone 3D, Level II expands the collection and enhances SGene's stretch performance using Cone Denim's patented dual-core spun yarns.
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Brother International Corporation and Pegasus America Co-Exhibit and Introduce New Industrial Sewing Machines at Recent Texrpocess Americas in Atlanta
At the recent Texprocess Americas show in Atlanta, GA, Brother co-exhibited with Pegasus of America as Brother celebrates 60 years of distribution in the Western Hemisphere and Pegasus celebrates their 100 year anniversary of manufacturing of sewing machines.
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Apparel at U.S. Open
Ralph Lauren is the latest fashion brand to get into the wearable tech game.
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Athos Biometric Apparel – Wearable Technology for Fitness
Athos is an American company that develops wearable gear to monitor a wearer's workout. The Athos clothing line is equipped with hi-tech sensors that do not require any wires to work.
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The Growing Attraction of Compression Sleeves
The Miami company Zensah has been making compression garments for ten years and among its first clients were members of the Miami Heat basketball team.
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Digital Technology Driving Textile Printing Industry
The emergence of innovations and growing adoption of digital technological solutions aimed at improving print speed, design and efficiency are driving the next growth wave in the printing sector.
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Cambodia Garment Sector Small Fry for Suppliers
In Cambodia, where the garment sector accounts for 80 percent of exports, hundreds of thousands of people depend on their slice of the $5 billion industry to survive. But for suppliers currently exhibiting their wares at a trade show on Phnom Penh's Koh Pich island, Cambodia's garment industry represents a tiny fraction of their total sales, and is something of an afterthought for powerhouses such as Bangladesh, India, and China.
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Textile Waste Can Be Made into Fabrics that are Even Better than the Original
The dissolving of textile waste offers the opportunity to return large volumes of waste to textile production. Novel and efficient methods will be able to recover cellulose molecules, providing one way of resolving the limitations soon to be placed on the use of landfill sites.
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